Welcome to The Pocalypse, a flash webcomic about do-it-yourself superheroes who are trying to cope with post-apocalyptic life. Except it’s not just apocalypse, it’s The Pocalypse!

The Pocalypse updates are currently unscheduled until further notice! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and RSS! All of them will let you know when there’s an update!

If you’re new to The Pocalypse, feel free to start the story here!

The Pocalypse is run by me, Joe. The main character of The Pocalypse also happens to be named Joe, but we have nothing in common :)
I’ll also update the blog along with the comic! I blog about random stuff, such as zombie/apocalypse-related stuff, life in Japan, TV, movies, and video games.

If you want to contact me, sign up on the Forums or e-mail me at joe@greenpixel.ca.

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Not sure how the flash comics work?

You will need Adobe Flash Player to play The Pocalypse’s .swf flash comics. You can get it for free from Adobe’s website: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/

The comics are around 1 megabyte or less each, so please just wait a second or two for the comic to load, like you would for an image :) Thanks!

Here are some simple instructions: