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Am I Not Entertained? 11/30/2021

by Joe

Watched a whole bunch of stuff last week as the weather is getting… well, Canadian winter-y :D One for the kids, one for the wife, and one for me haha

For the kids, I took the family out to see Encanto, Disney’s newest animated feature (their 60th, as they stated in the opening credits). They really know how to pull at heart strings, don’t they? They know what stories, tropes, and cliches to exploit to make kids and adults alike choke up and they make adults forget that there really are only like five stories :D They get me every time! I’d check it out if you want another solid Disney flick that thankfully is not a remake.

For the wife, we watched Tick Tick… Boom, based on the play of the same name, written by the late Jonathan Larson. It was directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who seems to be involved in anything music-related these days (Hamilton, Vivo, even Encanto), and it was great! I’m always hesitant to start musicals since, I dunno… can’t you just talk? Why you gotta sing this mundane conversation? But, I always end up enjoying them :D Les Mis was good, I enjoyed La La Land, I’m probably gonna enjoy West Side Story, and I can add Tick Tick… Boom to the list. Plus, who knew Andrew Garfield could sing!

For me, I continued my utter dependence on the MCU with the new Hawkeye series. Oof, talk about a huge meh. Yes, it’s too early to judge the series based on two episodes but going by the mixed quality and inevitable falling off of the MCU’s other series, I don’t have much hope for Hawkeye. It’s a shame, too, I really like Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld :( It’s starting to feel like you have to be a comic reader to fully enjoy these. As I watch reviews made by comic fans, I can hear the excitement in their voices when they talk about how Echo is making an appearance and that she has connections with Wilson Fisk and that means Daredevil, which leads to… wait… who are these people? Episode 2’s ending was supposed to be a cliffhanger… but only to people who have read the comics and know who this stranger who is apparently named Echo is. But, again, who am I kidding, even if Hawkeye ends up sucking, I’m gonna finish it, like I’ll finish the next one, and the next one, and the next one… :D

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