Another Kitten! :D | September 26, 2021

by Joe

My wife and I have been watching a ot of cat rescue videos on YouTube and, while she’s always wanted a second cat, seeing the heart-tugging stories of scrappy kittens being loved back to health tipped the scales and made us get another kitten :D

We’ve named her Molly – a super affectionate 3-month-old kitten who was malnourished, had a cold, and even a bout of cat lice :( We’ve had her for a week and she’s already doing amazing. She’s eating well, gaining weight, and has gotten over her cold. Luckily the lice was already taken care of before we brought her home :D

Our first kitten, Honey, who is now around 6-months-old is enormous by comparison and she’s still warming up to Molly – still establishing her dominance. Today, I caught them snuggling during their nap and my heart melted. Looking forward to having these two girls grow up together with our family :D

Enjoy Scene 58 – “Systems Online”! Thank you as always to all our Patreon Patrons! Super special thanks goes out to Shalidar – find his sprite in the scene :D

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1 year ago

@Joe I responded on the previous comic just a moment ago about your mention of TPD2, and I’ll just copy and paste what I said here for visibility since this is the most recent comic.

What platform/language/etc is TPD2 being developed in? I have genuine interest in helping out, and I have gone through college for software development. I’m finding work at the moment but I’d be pleased to pour my extra time into it. I suppose you’d rather an experience developer than a new one, but I just thought I’d offer.

1 year ago

And Arbiter gets further plantgraded!

Now back to the colony and problem at the gates… either a certain irritating militant is awake or the colonists that left are starting to return…



So far, most if not all of the Pocalypse dangers originated from America (except Vampires whose origin lies in Europe). Given that Andrius failed to reach Europe, its unlikely we’ll be going outside the country for a long while if at all, but I do wonder if there are other Pocalypse dangers that are exclusive to the East. For example, the Machines and Psychics are pretty much limited to the West, mutants and zombies could’ve easily accessed the East during the beginning, and Vampires and Plants likely just existed already over there. So what possible dangers could originate on the East?

Europe could have demonic sects actually bearing fruits, Japan vould have the secrecy veil of Yökai removed, Egypt/Rome could see the resurfacing of ancient civilizations and retriggering ancient wars… You know, maybe this guys don’t have it as bad after all! Hahaha…

1 year ago

Hurray, Harry is back in Action!
This is the fusion of plant and machine we like to see.

1 year ago

Would Harry be considered Bernie and Rosa’s baby now?