Asian Media on a Roll! | March 4, 2020

by Joe

I used to really cringe at the thought of Asian entertainment – J-Dramas, K-Dramas, ridiculous reality shows, terrible over-acting, bad acting in general, etc, etc (though admittedly, I’ve always had a guilty pleasure soft spot for J and K-Pop – don’t judge me.) But growing up an anime/JRPG fan and being a Japanophile (I don’t -think- I’m a weeb, though… ?), I always gave Asian media a shot, even knowing that I’d be disappointed and turn it off less than halfway.

Nowadays, thankfully, Asian media has captivated and impacted me to the same degree as the anime and JRPGs of my past. Train to Busan, Parasite, Terrace House, and most recently, Kingdom have all been positive experiences. I was kinda kicking myself that I hadn’t discovered Kingdom sooner – I’m sure one or more of you even suggested it to me! A 16th century Korean political drama with zombies?! Why didn’t I think of that! :D

What else am I missing? Snowpiercer was great, The Host is on my watch list, I’m anxiously waiting for Terrace House and Kingdom to come back… I need my fix!

Enjoy Scene 33 – “There’s Something About Plants”!

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Pablo Atristain
Pablo Atristain
2 years ago

Looks like Joe is going to learn that Scrufflebeck’s Bark is worse than his bite…the hard way!
I just hope that they get to the root of the problem. So Joe should branch out instead of trying to use brute force for everything.

Luke Martinelli
Luke Martinelli
2 years ago

I started watching Korean movies about 15-20 years ago and have been trying to get more people into them ever since.
Here are a few of my favourite Korean films, some are on Netflix but the rest need to be found through other methods:
The Vengeance Trilogy by Park Chan-Wook “Sympathy for Mr Vengeance”, “Oldboy” & “Lady Vengeance” – violent and somewhat confusing triptych of movies that have similar themes.
“Rampant” – period zombie movie kind of like Kingdom
“Kundo: Age of the Rampant” is a fun period action with some violent fight scenes.
“Along with the Gods” is a pretty interesting recent Korean afterlife fantasy, the first 2 movies are already released with 2 more in development.
“The Good, The Bad and The Weird” – Korean western with treasure hunting and guns
The “Jeon Woochi” movies are fun period fantasy films about a taoist hero/heretic.
“Psychokinesis” – classic anti-hero gains super powers and tries to fight corruption
And lastly one of my personal favourites, one of the movies that got me into Korean film “JSA Joint Security Area” pretty epic drama about the guards on the border of the DMZ between north and south.

2 years ago

@Joe if you are interested in an unique zombie movie, look up “I am a hero” Which is a jappanese zombie movie with a very unique version of the typical living dead.