Automobile Jutsu | August 12, 2019

by Joe

In the process of trying find a car to replace the totaled one (:(), the family has been doing a lot of home time, relaxing, enjoying A/C and watching Netflix. I’m about 4,000 years late on this but my son and I have been watching Naruto. For me, Naruto has been one of those super-mainstream anime that I never had the time or desire to watch (among others, like One Piece). For my son, it’s an introduction to the more classic anime, along with my force-feeding on Dragonball :D My son is really, really into the Japanese culture (I wonder where he gets it from) and it’s heart-warming and interesting to see how he connects to anime and its characters/settings versus, say, the Teen Titans or another western kids show.

Anyways, enjoying Naruto for now – only one season down… I hope our new car lasts as long as it’ll take to catch up to the Naruto series…

Enjoy Scene 10 – “Together Forever”!

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2 years ago

At first I was like: YOU GO BOI! GET THAT FUCKER!

Then I was like: No. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -sheds tears stealthily-

But in the end I was like: WOAH WHAT NOW

PD: Secret Zombie Joe in the background O:

Tio Ba
Tio Ba
2 years ago

I was secretly hoping Simon would have some mercy towards Mia because of her daughters :( I never thought I’d hate a character more than Victor but Simon is pretty much getting the cake right now. Poor Adrian.

2 years ago

It’s time to finish this.