Back to the Gym! | August 28, 2020

by Joe

My body is sore as hell after finally hitting the gym for the first time since quarantine. Fortunately, my gym is taking the pandemic very seriously and I feel clean and safe while working out. Honestly, it just feels good to get out and do something from the pre-COVID routine. Feels like, step-by-step, things are returning to an, albeit heightened, level of normal.

What won’t be “normal” is school! School’s starting as usual for my kids and we’ve been given the option to remote learn. We’re gonna be doing that for the foreseeable future so that’ll be interesting! Hope you’re all continuing to stay safe!

Enjoy Scene 11 – “Judge and Jury”! Special thanks to all our Patreon Patrons for their incredible support! Super special thanks to Shalidar! Find his sprite in the scene :D

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1 year ago

Not one for long goodbyes, is he? :y

1 year ago

The meaning of this coronavirus pandemic is that it is impossible to return to the complete “normalcy” of society from before the pandemic. There will be ongoing waves of outbreaks for years to come. The best way for everybody is to maintain a strong, healthy body and mind in order to be the best they can be. In addition to this, everybody will need to understand proper social distancing etiquette in order to keep the spread as low as practically possible.