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Captain Marvel – Not Bad, Just Waiting for Endgame :D 03/11/2019

by Joe

I watched Captain Marvel this weekend, trying to forget all the politics, reviews, and other non-movie coverage surrounding it. I just wanted to enjoy a superhero movie with my 8-year-old, as is tradition when a new Marvel/DC movie comes out. And, thankfully, we did enjoy it! It’s definitely not the best MCU movie and as a prelude to Endgame, it’s better than Antman and the Wasp. As an origin movie, however, it doesn’t hold a candle to Iron Man, Homecoming, or even Captain America. I haven’t seen Thor in a long time but I’d maybe put Captain Marvel on the same mediocre, yet enjoyable tier. And, I’d put Black Panther a notch above, I guess.

I think what hurt the movie the most, for me, was Captain Marvel herself. I loved Brie Larson in The Room – I think she’s an amazing actress and a great role model – but I don’t think the movie used her talents to their full potential. I feel like the movie focused more on CM’s powers and less on her character. I’m hoping that interacting with the Avengers and Thanos in Endgame will bring out more situations where CM can shine as a character. I had the same problem with Black Panther. T-Challa was so bland, unflawed, and perfect that we didn’t get to see his character like we did in Civil War, where he had motivation and was surrounded by characters with their own motivations. At least now I’m even more excited to see Endgame, not because I want to see CM use her god-like powers against Thanos, but because I want the MCU’s amazing cast to bring out Brie Larson’s acting chops.

Minor spoiler!! >>> Captain Marvel also had weirdly inconsistent tone throughout. In the big fight scene where she’s finally unlocked her full power and she’s beating up the bad guys, No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” just starts blaring louder than the sound effects themselves. The movie does sprinkle in gender equality messages, which are all fine and great, but this scene felt so forced. Yes, she’s a powerful woman who’s broken free of the limiting shackles of her oppressors and now she’s wreaking satisfying havoc. Wasn’t that enough? Did they need to cheese it up by playing a song so on-the-nose and horribly out of place? I wanted to feel that sense of pride when the underdog finally comes out on top but instead I felt like Gwen Stefani was reminding me that she’s just a girl.

Anyways, the movie has its flaws and it’s not ground-breaking in any sense, but it did serve as an entertaining filler episode while we wait for Endgame, which I can’t believe is coming out next month :D

Enjoy Scene 58 – “Not Without Me”!

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First comment!

Not cool, Simon.

Alke on March 11, 2019 at 5:27 pm

Captain Marvel was very enjoyable, but I couldn’t have said it better myself regarding the forced gender messages. When Just a Girl came on I cringed – choices like that completely undermined the positive intention. Storytellers should take a leaf out of your book, Joe, and let female characters define themselves by their actions, not their chromosomes!

Michael on March 12, 2019 at 4:44 am

I wonder how Doc’s gonna mind proof Sentinel?

ShiftyOne on March 13, 2019 at 12:23 am

@ShiftyOne Through sci-fi stuff, probably.

Znayx on March 16, 2019 at 11:31 am

What happened?

Alke on March 18, 2019 at 9:04 pm