Dejavu! :( | April 8, 2021

by Joe

Spring is here again and looks like 2020 has reared its ugly head again :( We’re currently in lockdown and its very reminiscent to last year’s spring lockdown. At least, this time, it feels somewhat normal now. Masks have become a part of life and it’ll probably be a while post-pandemic before I stop wearing one in public places – it’s like my second hat now :D Also, thankfully this time, vaccines are rolling out and the end is somewhere on the horizon.

Hope everyone’s still doing well!

Enjoy Scene 37 – “Unique Species”!

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1 year ago

Gotta say, one thing I like about the masks is -not- showing my face. I like getting to just keep that little layer of anonymity, along with other things too. I fully intend to wear one out in public once the pandemic is done. Perhaps not all the time but frequently.

Thanks for the scene Joe, I love that The Pocalypse is still rolling along!

1 year ago

Spring is here you say? that brings to mind two lovely songs.
Springtime For Hitler and Germany
and Tom Lehrer’s poisoning pigeons in the park

both are comedy obviously :D
Masks being a new norm are nice! except for how much trash they accumulate as.