Finally Gave it a Chance :D | November 17, 2018

by Joe

Amazon offered a free trial of Prime while I was ordering something (knee sleeves for my old-ass knees, if you must know) so I went for it for the free, fast shipping. Figured I would cancel it before the trial was up since I rarely order enough from Amazon to make it worth it. Then I remembered that Prime comes with Prime Video. I already have Netflix so Prime Video never really interested me. But, damn, Having Netflix and Prime really does cover pretty much everything – if a movie/show is not on one, it’s on the other.

That’s how I stumbled on Fear the Walking Dead. Well, “stumbled” isn’t the right word. I’ve of course known about it since release but I was still stuck to The Walking Dead and didn’t want to watch both for some reason. Maybe it was time, maybe it was the thought that the “spinoff” wouldn’t be as good as the original. Now that TWD is off-season and the show has been spiraling down the toilet for a while – not to mention how easily accessible FTWD is on Prime – I decided to give FTWD a shot, finally.

Of course I’m hooked. Two seasons in now and I enjoy the story, characters, and the fact that we get to see what happened pre-apocalypse. It feels more down-to-earth than TWD but maybe it’s not fair to compare to a show where all the characters are “leveled up” and there’s been more progression. Hoping that FTWD stays this good and eventually overtakes its tired predecessor :D

Oh, and I’m definitely keeping Prime so you win, Amazon.

Enjoy Scene 44 – “One Shot”!

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3 years ago

Man that machine is damn effective. I thought it would kill the innocents too. Being able to tell humam friend from human foe easily seems pretty impressive for what is only a scout.

3 years ago


I mean, damn. Whoa.

3 years ago

I was so happy when they continued the story line with the ark… I kept wondering if/when the vampires would raise an army… made me anxious.