I Did It! | February 17, 2020

by Joe

I actually beat a game! Breath of the Wild was an amazing experience and I’m sure I’ll keep revisiting it to get all the side stuff. Hell, I might even get the DLC! I’m super hyped for the sequel – the teaser trailer looks incredible, much darker, and I hope we’ll be able to play as short-haired Zelda :D

I’m also beyond hyped for the FF7 Remake. I just saw the opening cinematic and… oh, the nostalgia. My heart and soul could barely take it :D Unfortunately, that means I may have to buy a PS4. I don’t even remember when I had two consoles at once… maybe PSX and Dreamcast? Or, do I wait for FF7 to get released on PC? Can I wait that long? Ugh!

Enjoy Scene 31 – “A Good Person”!

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2 years ago

One problem solved, another one pops up. They just never stop coming, huh?

2 years ago

Le plant:Oh boy it sure is nice being a plant in New Hammerston. I sure hope nothing bad happens.
Le Joe: I’m bout to end this plant’s whole photosynthesis.

Tio Ba
Tio Ba
2 years ago

Adrian: go help Rosa, Joe. We’ll hold the fort for you.
Simon: *fucks shit up and Joe’s nowhere to be seen*
Adrian: *surprised noises*