It Can’t Get Any Worse, Right? | March 16, 2021

by Joe

I honestly didn’t mind Justice League when I first saw it. I definitely didn’t think it was on the level of any MCU movie, especially Avengers, but I thought it was alright. Of course, I was comparing it to its predecessor, Batman v. Superman, so the bar wasn’t very high :D After some time, watching every scathing Justice League review on YouTube, and two additional DCEU bombs in Aquaman and WW84, my opinion of Justice League and the DCEU plummeted even further.

Now, we’re days away from a 4-hour, potentially… good (?), Justice League Snyder Cut. The trailers look… okay – my expectations are below sea-level. It can’t possibly be worse than the theatrical cut, right? Right? Will it actually be a good movie? Can it just be at least on par with Wonder Woman? I think I’m looking forward to having these questions answered more than the movie itself :D

What do think? Is the Snyder Cut gonna be worth spending 4 hours on? At least if it sucks we’ll have Falcon and the Winter Soldier the next day :D

Enjoy Scene 34 – “This Is on Me”!

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1 year ago

And so the courier who walked the Mojave, won the battle of hoover dam, found the Sierra Madre treasure, walked the canyons of Zion, discovered Old World Blues and survived the Divide, had met his fate at the hands of a traitor, because War, war never changes.

Ryan Walters
Ryan Walters
1 year ago

Excellent update following the twist a few episodes back. Loving the poison that Cash is bringing. Lots of twists and turns.

Quick note, “slighest” from the doc in the 4th to last panel should probably be “slightest”, in regards to concern about Cash.

1 year ago

Man, the tensions are getting high. Cash might not be so bold with some of the others not trusting him. Though, he’s a social engineer. He’ll probably figure out a way to gain their trust, or turn them against each other.