Side Quest is Up! :D | January 12, 2022

by Joe

It’s finally up! Years ago, on the old The Pocalypse Forums, I started a Forum RP that was loosely related to The Pocalypse and I remember it getting really good reception :D I always love it when you guys make theories and suggestions and many of them have made it into the main story, consciously or not. So, naturally, I had a blast making the Forum RP based almost solely on reader suggestions/commands. I’ve had the thought for months of creating a side story to The Pocalypse that would function the same. Something to put you guys into the world while still moving the world forward, outside the perspective of the main narrative. After all, there are so many characters we haven’t met yet and so many arcs that are collecting dust, waiting for the current chapter to finish (remember Joe? Like, main character, first scene of the entire comic Joe?). I had to re-work the site first but once that was done, Side Quest followed shortly after :D

And here it is! The first scene! As of writing, we are four scenes in and I’m super grateful to everyone participating. I’ll update it as often as I can as it’s much less time-consuming than a main story scene. Can’t wait to see where this goes and who we meet along the way :D

Enjoy Scene 71 – “Safe Travels”!

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1 year ago

What is Andrius planning…? Samuel’s downfall sure, but how…?

Also, that’s definitely not Bernard Sr. Samuel wouldve recognized him in SOME way if he were since they worked together on the shells. Could be he just cant get into the mind with the armor, and voice is being obscured/changed. However, Bernard Sr would at minimum recognize Bob as a shell, even if he had never seen Samuel in a body. No reaction or comment on his part whatsoever. Though he could also be too far gone from humanity, saving ol’ George simply because he knows he set the safeguard to do so and he’s just following protocol.

Just can’t get the feeling that he’s not Bernard Sr out of my head.

1 year ago
Reply to  NeoPhantom

Agreed. I think it might be an AI that Bernard Sr. Samuel planted?

1 year ago

When’s Joe coming back?