Stay Safe! | October 26, 2020

by Joe

With Halloween coming up and COVID cases climbing faster than ever around the world, we’ve decided to skip trick-or-treating and just bought a few boxes of candy for our kids. Easier and safer! :D

How are you all doing in your part of the world? Do you get the sense that your community is getting pandemic fatigue and just ignoring safety protocols more and more? My city is getting an average of 8 positive tests a day so we’re relatively hopeful while remaining vigilant. Meanwhile, the bigger cities are unfortunately getting hundreds per day. But, even those numbers pale in comparison to the cities down in the States. Numbers in Europe are also climbing again D:

Is another global lockdown imminent? Are we even going to listen or care? Maybe a vaccine is our only shot left? One thing’s for sure – we’re never gonna forget 2020.

Enjoy Scene 17 – “Obsolete”! Thank you to all our Patreon Patrons for their constant support! Super special thanks to Shalidar – find his sprite in the scene :D

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1 year ago

holy moley, those gun shots were definitely loud against the backdrop of silence beforehand!

i’m in america, so of course we’re not\ok with people getting infected and dying all the time. i’m a student for x-ray so in the hospitals there is always some infected around. always. luckily i’m not allowed to be in contact with contagious people of any kinds (usually) … unless its the rare ‘they didnt update the information fast enough before that patient came to us for an xray and now we just came into contact with a potential infected person aghhhh!!!!! <– this happens FREQUENTLY at any hospital!

1 year ago

Sneaky place to put Shalidar eh Joe?

1 year ago

Bit late in the replying on the how things going question, but here in Finland we have been extremely lucky. Great comics btw and look forward to always reading/watching them.