Thanks for the Names! :D | January 18, 2021

by Joe

Thank you all for your awesome name suggestions for the machine base! It was tough to pick my favourite 4 but here they are :D

Bastion – Simple, rolls of the tongue, and the place is literally a bastion!
Haven – I tried to imagine all the names in context before choosing. “We gotta get back to Haven!” sounded pretty good :D
Elysium – Love the name, even if it is a bit “high brow” as Alex commented. I also like that, as Pablo Atristain brought up, the base’s numbers in an upside-down calculator look similar!
Ellis – Kinda sounds like an abbreviated, more casual Elysium! Also a nod to Ellis Island!

Vote here for your favourite:! I’ll leave voting up until Sunday 11:59pm EST ish :D

Again, thank you all and I’m looking forward to more input in the future!

Enjoy Scene 27 – “Miss Fix-It”!

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1 year ago

Don’t do it, Cash.

The Architect
The Architect
1 year ago

Don’t trust him, Rosa!