Weird But Welcome Silence… | September 8, 2018

by Joe

Thank you for all the name suggestions! It was tough to choose – lot of creative names that reflected Phillip’s beliefs and character :D I’m sure there’ll be more things to name in the future!

Both kids started school this week so I’ve had an empty nest during the day for the first time in 7 years. It’s so quiet… so peaceful. I can work without distractions and my wife and I have even gone out on lunch dates. Lunch dates. Without kids. It’s awesome :D

Enjoy Scene 34 – “Let Her Borrow One”!

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Tio Ba
Tio Ba
4 years ago

Oh gosh… Is Joe the only stable experiment? haha

“Noah” was a good choice! I like it a lot :D

I hope Sam get to limeridge and saves Nick. Even if he’s stupid as shit I still like his role on the plot

4 years ago

Oh so that’s what those things were for, holding dead bodies of the infected. Always cool to hear more on the lore, interesting that the first machines had wheels and very quickly advanced. Looks like the machines might have to slow down, just like us humans failing to take into consideration the availability of resources. I wonder where the machines came from, though they probably came after the plants did considering that they though as intelligent can be know nothing of the plant origins.

Also nice name for the robot, Noah fits the family perfectly.