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Welcome Back, Routine! 09/09/2021

by Joe

Back to school, kiddos! After a great summer, I’m ready for a peaceful, quiet house while I work :D Kinda feels like it’s back to school for me, too – I finally have to force myself to get out of bed for an actual routine!

Enjoy Scene 56 – “What’s in the Cart?”!

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Rusty is redeemed. He took that explosion for himself, a far cry from what he would’ve done when he was first introduced into the story.


1. Joe (Author) Promised an Ass-faced Raccoon. Promise Pending or has it been fulfilled? Can’t remember.
2. Andrius really treated Joe quite nicely even after escaping. Feels so unsettling now. And… Joe still owes him a favor. Considering he’s captured, he might be making use of said favor soon.
3. Jake really went from cool guy to angry guy throughout the story, huh… I mean, he even made jokes when Dominik escaped with Doc! He’s really had it rough though, with most things he’s trusted in coming to bite his ass. And the public obviously pushes the blame for everything on his shoulders, so he’s both angry and under pressure. He really made an idiot of himself in not trusting Rosa, but being unable to kill the psychic in a kid’s body.
4. Forgot the Rosa had a thing for Bernie… Botanical Vampire and Robotic Psychic hybrid baby? Nah!
5. Doc states Demons do not exist… I always wondered ifthis was intentional foreshadowing of yet another Pocalypse antagonist or just a red herring, but nothing has come of it yet. Ghosts, Elves and Unicorns though. Lol. Victor and Samuel count as a Mind Ghosts, right? If we stretch the definition juuuuuuust a bit.
6. For some reason, I had forgotten that the vampires wanted Bernie specifically to deal with his dad (Slayer). Now that he’s a robot and being possessed by Victor… I wonder how THAT will resolve or if they would rather go directly for Samuel instead. Or would Katherine rather ignore him as she has done till now…? Then there’s the whole mystery of the exile of those three. Given how vampires work, might they be marginally more considerate to powerful humans? Unlikely, but what else could cause such a schism? (Note: I don’t mean they treat humans as equal, just that they might accept powerful humans as allies instead of food.)
7. So Nick left to save Greybane after wanting to leave Joe for dead… I wonder how he reconcile the fact that Joe not only saved him, but is helping him out in the new colony. As far as I remember, the two did not interact between the two events. Joe likely already forgot about it, but Nick is not the type of person to forget something like that. I wonder if he will mention something about it as the two interact in the second colony.
8. Completely forgot about Block Hopper. Doesn’t seem to be accesible in apple devices, only android. Not seeing much for The Pocalypse Defense 2, was it ever completed or abandoned? Did find an updated version of The Monolith on App Store and have been playing it. Currently have unlocked all heroes and will be upgrading LENA as much as possible. Its nice I can tap with all five fingers to get five times as many sword strikes in the same time.
9. Geoffrey/Zomgack… now there’s a character that’s only appeared in 2 scenes. Foundation for future events surely, but with Greybane captured and Annika dead, only the children actually know of him and can “interact” with that variable. Question is whether Doc synthesizes the cure first or will the intelligent zombie re-infect him instead?
10. Joe obviously tried to revive his sister and believes to have failed, but things in this story are rarely that straightforward… Doubt she’ll come back “alive” or “undead”, but perhaps as a living mind or an actusl specter/ghost/phantom? Ha, maybe Joe accidentally opened the doorway to the Underworld/Spirit World. Or he just failed, could be that too.

NeoPhantom on September 10, 2021 at 1:33 am

Hey Joe, there is a glitch on my end of this scene when Jess and Rusty meet outside. The city background is not rendering, only the “active objects” – the two lampposts. I’m using Firefox latest, not sure if this happens on Chrome or in other browsers.

Dave on September 12, 2021 at 4:55 pm

@Dave Yeah, that happened to me the first time I watched the scene, but reloading it and seeing it again fixed it.

NeoPhantom on September 12, 2021 at 7:46 pm

Rusty coming through in the end! I never really knew if i liked the guy, but not even hesitating when jumping on a GRENADE, is worth respect.

Ariso on September 16, 2021 at 4:28 pm

@NeoPhantom – Definitely copy and pasting that list :D Block Hopper is all said and done now, as is The Monolith’s mobile version. I handed them over to a mobile developer that I lost contact with years ago. They were a great experience though and I learned a lot from them :D TPD2 is still a project I want to finish – the completed art is still around and making the comic just gives me more art :D Finding a dedicated developer is the hard part!

Joe on September 17, 2021 at 2:51 pm

Sad to hear about Blockhopper, it was very ahead of its time considering the fame of Mario Maker.

Still, life is life! Don’t let TPD2 be a “forever ETA” meme material, ok? Haha, just a joke.

Haven’t had time to reread chapter 7 onwards… so there won’t be a list of observations this week. I did write a couple theories and compiled the list of broken quotations I saw while reading the first six chapters though. I’ll likely post the latter in Patreon to not clog this place more than my “walls” are already doing.

NeoPhantom on September 17, 2021 at 3:49 pm

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