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What’s Next? WoW? Oh, No… 12/03/2019

by Joe

Stumbled upon and installed EVE Echoes yesterday since I enjoyed EVE Online years back. I was never a big EVE player but I did like the genre, concept, and how casual/idle it was, especially coming from WoW at the time. Progression was slow but I didn’t mind. I would check in on my skills and the market once or twice a day. Then, it turned to once every few days. Then once a week… month… until I lost interest and abandoned my space adventure. I think I may have gone back to WoW but that part of my life mostly an unmemorable blur :D

Fast-forward to today and I’m now playing EVE on my phone. It seems the same as its PC counterpart but I’m saying that as a beginner who hasn’t unlocked even the mid-game of the OG EVE. Anyway, it’s a good check-every-now-and-then little game/sim that feels perfectly suited to mobile. Makes me wonder… what other MMOs can they put on mobile? I enjoyed Guild Wars – I can see myself playing it lying down in bed. Ragnarok and Maple Story are already on mobile, right? I don’t play Fortnite but that’s definitely on mobile. What if WoW is destined for the Play/App Store? What happens to my life then? I can sadly see myself grinding and fetching for days while my body slowly atrophies and merges into my mattress…

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Exclamation of the fact that I was, in this case, the first to arrive at an instance of the scene of The Pocalypse that came out on the third of December 2019 and therein to submit a response to the previously mentioned comic!

Anonymaseus on December 3, 2019 at 7:48 pm

OH SHIT! Retribution time!

Luio on December 4, 2019 at 6:37 pm

So… Simon’s raising the kids’ power levels (not sure what to call it) so that when they’re strong enough/reach their limit, he can kill them and absorb their strength? Nice.

Roach on January 23, 2020 at 3:56 am