When in Tokyo | October 11, 2010

by Joe

When in Rome, roam. When in Tokyo… blog, I guess.

I went to Odaiba in Tokyo today with the wife. It’s a harbor-front area with a few shopping malls and a quaint little beach. It’s also an artificial island that was built for defensive purposes back in the 1850s. Got me thinking, when the zombie apocalypse happens (and I’m sure it will), an artificial island would be pretty useful!

There would be one heavily-armed bridge and gate; the only way in and out on land. Hunting and scouting parties would go out, do their thing, then return to the island after clearing some serious security and health checks. Any survivors wanting in would also have to go through these checks.

A working society would be living behind the gates, safely surrounded by water. The island would have schools, hospitals, law enforcement, a local government, and everything else a mini-city would need. Supplies would get shipped in and out by ship. The dock would be just a heavily fortified as the bridge and all crew and supplies would be carefully screened before gaining entry onto the island.

Solar and wind energy would power the island. Greenhouse farming would provide the primary food source. The initial seeds would have to be cultivated by scouting parties, outside the island. Fishing and hunting would also provide food, but anything caught would have to be tested for bacteria and viruses (particularly the zombie virus).

Military and survival training would have to be conducted on the island. When a sufficient and willing force is trained, the army would leave the island to secure any strategic areas in the island’s vicinity, such as manufacturing plants and refineries.

Building the island would be the biggest challenge, as its builders and citizens would have to find an area with the proper supplies and tools readily available. Not to mention that the area would have to be pretty much zombie-free! Something that might be a little hard to come by during the zombie apocalypse.

Yup, this is what I think about when I’m out on a nice day with the wife :)

Below are some pics!

Enjoy Scene 2 – “Last Human Left! …?”!

Monkeys on stilts... it's all over, people.

Definitely check out Odaiba if you're in Tokyo.

Already looks like the apocalypse happened, doesn't it?

Tokyo Tower in the background. Ending of 28 Weeks Later-ish.

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Zion Wolfblood
Zion Wolfblood
12 years ago

So Tokyo has it’s own Golden Gate Bridge and Statue of liberty? I never knew these things. OMG we of the American peoples are idiots. If anyone can build the buildings then why should they be monuments? That makes no sense.
{ANYWAYS} On another note I totally agree with the Island theory but getting such built would be the hard part. However you being there you could just take over the one they have already built if your quick enough. Me I’ll get there eventually. For now my friends and I all have Zombie Defense Classes going. Yes we started a Zombie Awareness Group for when it happens. We may be insane, but we will be prepared.

NeoPhantom, Mirage Warrior of the Netherlands
NeoPhantom, Mirage Warrior of the Netherlands
12 years ago

I’d rather pass the time creating a huge, airborn skycraft that powers on solar power and hidropower that is sent wirelessly from the facilities in the moon, dessert, and cean respectively towards several sattelites who then send the primal energy sorce to the skycraft. It would be wise to also have several backup generators in case both the energy receiver and the solar panels are busted or something…

I suppose an artificial island is relatively safe, but the zombies can just walk towards it, as they do not require to breath air…

An underground facility is plausible, but a single tremor and we’re dead…

Same goes for the underwater facility…

To put things simply, if you want to survive the zombies, get out of their reach! To the skies! To infinity and beyond!!!!!

12 years ago

Oh he’s god? That explains EVERYTHING! Except his name hahaha. Now who’s this other guy? O.o

Seems like you already have a plan for the Zombie Apocalypse. I myself have a Katana in my room like every nerd and even planned my route on a paper map to where I would go search for food and survivors and my neighbor is a gun freak so I already have a cache of weapons ready as well :3