… | June 9, 2020

by Joe

I don’t often know what to say when it comes to matters that make the world uncomfortable. But, I do know what I feel and believe. I believe that every person, regardless of class, race, or age deserves to be heard, respected, and loved. That’s all I know. People who suppress that belief with violence, oppression, hate, fear, and policy are wrong.

Yes, all lives matter – of course they do. But, I don’t think there’s any doubt that black lives are the ones that need the spotlight and have needed the spotlight for many, many years.

There needs to be positive change in our world. I hope the events these last few days will finally spark it because, otherwise, how many deaths will it take?

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The Architect
The Architect
1 year ago

This time first comment by the new supporter :-) Thanks again for the nice sprite!

I strongly agree with you, Joe. It´s not acceptable being judged by the color of your skin, the country you´re from or your religion (as long as you follow it peaceful) or letting other people doing so.

Tio Ba
Tio Ba
1 year ago

No wonder you’re one of my favourite artists Joe! Good to know you stood up too, dude. Also, great scene! I’m cheering a lot for Aaron haha