My First Movie is on Netflix! | June 2, 2020

by Joe

No, no – not my first move as in a movie I made, I mean the first movie I ever watched is on Netflix! I’m definitely showing my age here but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is now playing and it was the first movie I ever remember seeing as a kid. I’m sure I technically saw other movies before it since I was 5 at the time but TMNT is definitely the first one that I have fond memories of :D

I tried showing it to my kids but my 9-year-old only lasted 16 minutes. Granted, the action builds slow and his attention span can only go so far. Doesn’t help that Breath of the Wild is an arm’s reach away :/ Can’t compete with that! I’ll try again later, maybe before his bedtime. I am fully determined to force my nostalgia onto him, damn it.

Enjoy Scene 2 – “Safe With Machines”! Huge thanks as always to all our Patreon Patrons! Super special thanks to Shalidar – find his sprite in the scene! Join them here! Thank you! :D

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Luke Martinelli
Luke Martinelli
1 year ago

I dont remember the first movie I watched… But Sunday night Disney movies on broadcast tv were still a thing so it was probably something like Dumbo, Bambi, Sword in the Stone, etc.
I would have been about 6 or 7 when TMNT came to the local movie theatre. I barely remember seeing it, but do remember a year or two later going for a movie birthday party to see TMNT2 and getting one of those oversized novelty movie cups.

1 year ago

Good time to be Canadian with the chaos in the US I suppose, Joe? Ontario’s doing… okay. I’m glad they held back on loosening COVID restrictions, but most of all we get to sit and witness the disturbing stuff on social media from below the border. Not cheery, but I’d rather be up here than down there. Also I’m an introvert, so I’ve been practicing all my life to stay inside and observe things only through my computer. I hope the protesters manage to stay safe and have the best luck possible to avoid mixing up with the “seeds” who want to start chaos and pretend the protesters did it. Goodness just a whole mess.

Putting all that aside, the scene was good, but I felt these first two in Chapter 12 were both rather short. Hopefully you’ll find your grove – I respect your determination to stick to a weekly schedule so I won’t tell you that you should delay in order to deliver more content, since discipline often depends on careful habit. That said, I am greedy for The Pocalypse content, and so naturally I crave bigger bites of it.

Stay safe and healthy!

1 year ago

@Joe Looking forward to it!