How is Everyone? :D | May 25, 2020

by Joe

Chapter 12 start! Yay! :D

With the world slowly (and controversially) starting to re-open, it’s clear that the world is going to go through more big changes. It’s only been a couple of months but here, at least, being on lockdown has felt like the norm as we’ve tried to make the best out of the situation. With everything starting to open back up, the weather getting better, and seeing more and more people outside (with varying mask-to-no mask ratios), I think the “post”-COVID world will definitely be different than what we were used to. Here’s hoping we make the best of that world :D

How’s everyone doing? School’s here are now going to be online until the end of the school year, some retail businesses are open, and parks are open for hiking and picnics. Restrictions have loosened but we’re still missing our extended family and friends as gatherings over 5 people are still not allowed. Despite that, we’re seeing photos and videos of hordes of people at parks, tightly packed together and wilding for, what seems to me, spite and contrarian mob mentality. Scenes from around the world are no different and it really does cement the realization that we can’t rely on society alone to squash a pandemic – we need vaccines, doctors, nurses, scientists, all frontline workers, and everyone keeping society as civilized as possible. Thank you to all those people and organizations and if you’re one of them, thank you personally :D

Hope you’re all doing well!

Enjoy Scene 1 – “On My Own”!

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2 years ago

My university ia opening up again this fall, and I wonder how people will be like on campus with the pandemic. I think most will not care at all about wearing face masks and social distancing.

2 years ago

What I gotta say about this episode, particularly to Aaron: Nice.