Apple Doesn’t Fall Far :D | May 16, 2021

by Joe

It’s scary sometimes how much of me I see in my son. Introverted, needs to warm up first to be comfortable in a social setting, eager to please others, leans towards casual gaming, and is absolutely hooked on anime. The anime thing kinda wore off as I got older but I’m getting sucked in again, even if it’s just to share a common interest. I do gotta thank him for introducing me to one series I really am enjoying: Demon Slayer. The story’s great, the characters are great, I would’ve been obsessed with it as kid :D Now though, it’s awesome to see my mini-me being enamored by it.

Looking forward to his post-apocalyptic, animated webcomic in about 15 years ;D

Enjoy Scene 42 – “True Colours”!

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1 year ago

Hey while he is at it, why not go and point that thing at Doc, too? Complete his Take All The Worst Hostages Imaginable hat-trick. XD

Better keep an eye on Cash; I get the feeling it will be hard to keep track of all the different places gits of him are going to land. :y

1 year ago

Hi Joe! Demon Slayer is a solid series, definitely a more modern and thoughtful stance to shonen action than most anime. However I did find some issue with the side characters personally, which took away from my fun. So instead of being the 9/10 is deserved to be, it diminishes itself to a flat 8/10, unfortunately. What it does extra well is balanced out by stuff that it does uninterestingly. It’s alright though, still solid.

Pablo Atristain
Pablo Atristain
1 year ago

Does he know of he just forgot about what the kids in New Hammerstone can do?
Heck I am crossing my fingers that Rusty is keeping a close watch on this guy and points more than his hatred to Cash.

@Joe, your character page needs some updates, BTW.