Love Each Other! | June 8, 2021

by Joe

A tragic, religiously-motivated hate crime occurred a few days ago in my city. A sad reminder that racism and hate can happen everywhere, near or far from me.

Rest in peace to the family affected and I hope that the 9-year-old orphan who has had his parents and sister senselessly taken away can get the love and support he needs to have a bright future.

I also hope that love will continue to rise above hate and unite us to the point where racism will just be an ugly blemish in humanity’s history.

Enjoy Scene 45 – “Some Kind of Justice”!

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Pablo Atristain
Pablo Atristain
11 months ago

Oh boy, that sounds awful. Sorry you had to live through that. *sending hugs*
We all wish we could all live in peace, despite our differences.

The Architect
The Architect
11 months ago

I heard about it in the news… It’s really awful things like that can happen…