Partner in Life and Gaming! | November 24, 2020

by Joe

Sometimes the nightly Netflix routine can get boring so the wife and I decided to do something different, something we haven’t done in years: play a co-op video game! But, just like trying to find a Netflix movie to watch, finding the right game took the same amount of time as playing it. Looking for only Switch games, we narrowed it down to two titles: The Swords of Ditto and Kirby Star Allies. After quickly nope-ing out of Kirby’s $80 price tag, we got Swords of Ditto :D

Loving it so far! It has a really cute art style and the gameplay is Link to the Past with simple rogue-like powering-up. It’s definitely fun and refreshing to share a digital adventure with your significant other :D Any other recommendations for two-player co-ops? I’m secretly hoping Swords of Ditto will lead to Diablo 3 haha

Enjoy Scene 21 – “Can’t Wait”!

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1 year ago

sorry i was originally trying to kinda know their price range and vague descriptions but got tired :O

stardew valley $$
super cyborg $
broforce $$
mercenary kings $$
it came from space and ate our brains $
earth defense force 4.1 EDF 5 $$
wargroove kinda $$
hammerwatch $
how to survive $
fight n rage $
ibb & obb $ puzzle platformer
helldivers $$
nex machina $$
the bug butcher $
pixeljunk monsters ultimate
super animal royale (free
riddled corpses $
eye divine cybermancy $$
risk of rain 1 , 2 $$
barony $
minion masters (free
gocco of war $$
sine mora ex $$
torchlight 2 $$
titan quest $$
terraria $$
starbound $$
survivalist , survivalist invisible strain $
starbreak (free browser \ steam)
hero siege
sanctum 1, 2
full metal furies
killing floor 1, 2
portal knights
iron brigade
hyper light drifter
warhammer vermintide 1, 2
never split the party (free)
sven co-op (free
unturned (free
brainbread 2 (free
crypt of the necrodancer
castle crashers
cry of fear (free also very very scary, also recommend to do single player first before co-op)
Forced (kinda like gauntlet)

1 year ago

I’m loving the way you are writing this guy. Really has the experienced army dude in post pocalyptic world vibe spot on.

1 year ago

damn Cory knows his stuff. Being patient with confrontational teammates, not really, but that would be asking for a lot