Worth the Ten Years! | April 29, 2018

by Joe

I’m sure you’ve all seen Infinity War but I still gotta do the SPOILER ALERT >>>>>>>>>>>>>


Ahhh, it was so good! It really didn’t feel like a usual MCU movie as it was relatively dark – especially the ending, of course. I was pretty bummed seeing the bad guy win for once and watching some beloved characters fade into dust (“I don’t wanna go, Mr. Stark.” :*( ). As they were cutting to all the different Avengers, I kept thinking “Nooo, no way they’re gonna kill him. No, no way… holy crap, there he goes.” Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Star-Lord were the big surprises for me and I was relieved to see the original Avengers make it through Thanos’ killer lottery. But, after the initial bummed-out period, I kinda shrugged it off – after all, this is a comic book world and I’ve seen plenty of DBZ. They’re fine, they’re all fine, they’ll all come back somehow. Lest we forget, they may not have Dragon Balls but that little green rock can turn back time and/or I’m sure all the “dead” are just hanging out inside the Soul Stone. Also, Spider-Man has another movie coming out and I’m sure Marvel wants to cash in on another Black Panther movie. I haven’t read the Infinity Gauntlet comic – anybody have any more educated guesses? Gonna be tough waiting a year for part 2!

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4 years ago

Infinity War was more than I could hope for!
Stellar performance from Tom Holland and I still can’t forgive Star-Lord from being such an idiot! Now we only have two GotG remaining, Nebula and Rabbit.

Michael Huynh
Michael Huynh
4 years ago

dunno if its just me, but i can’t get audio to work :(

Michael Huynh
Michael Huynh
4 years ago

nevermind, dunno how i fixed it, or just opening n closing browser or something . but audio works now!